Campus-Wide Panic Button Solution

We manufacture, install, and maintain a campus-wide panic button security solution
based on 
radio frequency (RF) technology and our proprietary software

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Colleges & Universities

The NPSI Campus Shield system has been protecting the students, faculty, and staff of colleges and universities for over 15 years. We have the flexibility to customize a system that provides whatever level of coverage is appropriate for your particular campus-from general external coverage to highly specific “room level” coverage. When fully implemented, the Campus Shield system allows for an instant and accurate security response designed to better protect the inhabitants of your campus.

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are always bustling and are often chaotic. NPSI’s Campus Shield system provides coverage throughout an entire facility and parking complex, or can be customized to specified “hot spots”. Campus Shield allows for  an instant and accurate security response to the nurses, doctors, and staff within these often unpredictable work environments.

Government Agencies

With a long history of providing instant and accurate security alerts to the employees of many facilities run by government agencies, NPSI’s Campus Shield has proven flexible enough to cover the needs of institutions as large and variable as those run by governments.

Elementary and High Schools

NPSI’s Campus Shield system is an effective way to empower the adult population of public and private schools to alert local or off-site security personnel to an emergency on campus in real time. Due to the fact that our handheld PAL system requires only the press of a button, in times of high stress or when a phone is not accessible, school officials retain the ability to instantly alert the proper authorities at all times.

Other Businesses…

No matter how unique your business, facility, or campus may be, NPSI’s Campus Shield can be customized to provide an instant and accurate security response fitting the needs of your residents.



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